Since there is always so much going on, I decided that there needed to be a place for family to go, to keep updated with the Kuhlest Family around!!!! This will be that place. I usually send out long emails about once every six months to let you know whats been going on, and what there is to come, but I thought this might be a more fun and interesting way to keep up. And maybe, just maybe, I will update more than once every six months!!!!! Hahahahahaha!! I will still probably send emails to let you know when I update, but feel free to drop by anytime! We love you guys!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch

The Kuhlest Family in America is about to become the Kuhlest Family in Germany! Yep, you read right....Germany. The details are a little hazy right now, but it looks as if we will be venturing there around July 2010. We will be living there for about three years. We will try to make it back to Nebraska as often as possible, but seeing as plane tickets are expensive (especially when you have to buy 5 of them), that won't be as often as we would like.

Please be praying for us as we make all of our decisions in this matter, as well as getting ready, travel, and living arrangements when we arrive. There are so many things to think about regarding this BIG move!

In this wake of events, we have decided to come home around Christmas to spend some time with family and friends. We realize that this is a very busy time for all of you, but hope that you all will be able to hang out with us during this time! Unfortunately, we are only able to take a minimal amount of stuff with us to Germany. For those of you that have helped us move in the past, you know that we have WAY TOO MUCH stuff! For Christmas this year, we hope that you would help us out by not buying us any Christmas gifts. Instead, there are so many things you could do for us for Christmas this year!

As I mentioned before, you can pray for us. You can also help us out by spending your quality time with us! We need all the support you can give! Another thing you can do is send the kids letters while we are over there. I am sure this will help support them while in another country and give them a connection to all the family and friends we have back in the states!

The Army will be paying for the move and travel to Germany, but we know that there are many unexpected costs of a move, and we can't even imagine what an overseas move will entail. Therefore, I have decided to do Pampered Chef so that I can hopefully bring in a little extra cash over the next eight months, without having to be away from the house and family as much as a regular job. Also, I can still do Pampered Chef in Germany to continue bringing in an extra income.

The kids are doing very well. Jonah is an excellent student in the 2nd Grade, and it looks as if he will actually get to finish the entire school year at one school! His favorite subjects are science, gym and music. His teacher tells me that he is always off in his own world, and I said....that's no surprise to us! He has such an active imagination, and is always inventing new games or things to play. He is always running around the house as a super hero or singing away the day! He is becoming more independent every day. Over the summer he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. He also has finally accomplished tying his own shoes! I guess mom and dad bought him way too many slip on shoes!

Avalyn has become quite the school lover over the past few weeks. Just just started preschool here and just can't seem to get enough! She loves her teachers and her new friends! She comes home talking about all the playtime, painting, and quotes her teacher quite often! She is still in love with her Aunt Ashley's boyfriend, Sean, but she has also found new love.....a neighbor boy her age, Geoffrey. If she is not at school or in sleeping, she is asking to have him over or to go over to his house to play.

Zella has become quite the performer. She is constantly asking Daddy to sit down and play the guitar. She dances around singing withe Daddy and loves every minute of it. She also prefers music channels to cartoons....such as Fuse or Palladia that she also watches with Daddy! We are still working on potty training, but is getting better and having fewer accidents. Now, if we could just get all the way there, we could be a completely diaper free family

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