Since there is always so much going on, I decided that there needed to be a place for family to go, to keep updated with the Kuhlest Family around!!!! This will be that place. I usually send out long emails about once every six months to let you know whats been going on, and what there is to come, but I thought this might be a more fun and interesting way to keep up. And maybe, just maybe, I will update more than once every six months!!!!! Hahahahahaha!! I will still probably send emails to let you know when I update, but feel free to drop by anytime! We love you guys!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miss Z is walking

Today is the day for walking! She has taken many steps here and there, but mostly one or two at a time, until today! She took off walking across the room! She is so adorable. When she starts to get wobbly she runs!

Miss Z will be turning 1 on the 23rd this month!

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