Since there is always so much going on, I decided that there needed to be a place for family to go, to keep updated with the Kuhlest Family around!!!! This will be that place. I usually send out long emails about once every six months to let you know whats been going on, and what there is to come, but I thought this might be a more fun and interesting way to keep up. And maybe, just maybe, I will update more than once every six months!!!!! Hahahahahaha!! I will still probably send emails to let you know when I update, but feel free to drop by anytime! We love you guys!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The year of 2007

Sadly we didn't get to send out Christmas cards this year, so we didn't have the opportunity to share what has happened with us this year. So here it goes:

I guess the biggest news of 2007 was the birth of Zella Muriel Kuhl on April 23. She has come a long way since then and is already sitting, crawling, and standing (with help). And she definitely already has attitude. She loves new toys, Mommy holding her, food, naps, and going places. She hates old toys, being put down, naps, and anything that confines her. Yes, naps are a love/hate thing.

The birth of Zella led to a need of a bigger house, so in July we moved into another house here in Fort Hood, Tx. I think that we have averaged a move a year! We absolutely love our new home. Unfortunately we will be moving again soon.

Another big thing that has happened in 2007, is our reenlistment in the Army. Yes, after careful considering our family's needs, we have decided to stay another 3-4 years. One of the best things that will hopefully come out of this is job training and experience in a career that Justin enjoys. He has been in Maryland going through that training since the end of September, and will graduate January 15. He will be a Broadcast Journalist for the US Army. Along with the experience, we are to receive a bonus that will help us out financially. We are most grateful for this opportunity.

Of course with opportunity comes responsibility, and sadly that is not great news for us. Justin is to leave for Iraq in April of 2008 for 15 months. Although this is a hard thing for us to do, it is inevitable with reenlistment of the Army. We just ask for your support and prayers to get us through. As also prayer for our Country and it's leadership, especially at such a crucial time.

With that in mind, those of you in Nebraska will probably be seeing a lot more of the Kuhlest Family, minus Justin, as we plan on moving to the Blair/Omaha area shortly after he deploys. But just before all of that happens, we have a lot of things to do and places to be. Justin will be returning to Texas in about a week, and then we have to pack up our house, and move it into storage in Nebraska. From there we will head up to Fort Drum, New York to be with Justin until he deploys. This is where we are stationed next, although we plan on living in Nebraska while he is gone, we will return there as soon as he returns from Iraq.

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